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Don't just pay. Pay insured.

Betaal niet gewoon. Betaal verzekerd

The Dutch like to pay with their debit cards and still too often leave their Mastercard unused in their wallets. And that's a shame, because all your purchases with a Mastercard credit card are automatically insured for 180 days against damage, loss and theft. Hence the new theme of the Mastercard Safety & Security campaign: "Don't just pay, pay insured.

In 6 short films from the campaign, which were directed by award-winning American director Ben Callner (CZAR), we see customers being extremely careful with their purchases. These soon turn out to be "angry" daydreams, when they are just about to buy this product online. These concerns about a variety of products-from robotic lawnmowers to designer umbrellas-are unnecessary. After all, their purchase with a Mastercard credit card is insured for 180 days. Therefore, at the end, we see the customer enjoying the purchase for a while without worry.



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