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Wibautstraat 224
1097 DN Amsterdam
KvK: 33102127
BTW: NL001668341B01

Tel: +31 (0)20 5731111


Transcreation for Hankook Tires in the Netherlands involves crafting two bespoke social media posts monthly, while adapting the rest for the Dutch market.

In addition to crafting these monthly posts, we undertake the intricate task of adapting all other global content for the Dutch market. This involves a substantial amount of transcreation, where we not only translate content but also ensure that it seamlessly integrates with the cultural nuances and linguistic nuances of the Dutch audience. This meticulous process is essential to guarantee that Hankook's message maintains its relevance and authenticity in the Dutch automotive scene.

Our efforts go beyond content creation, as we actively manage community engagement on Hankook's Facebook channel. By fostering a dynamic and responsive online presence, we contribute to the establishment of a meaningful connection between the brand and its audience. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance Hankook's brand impact in the Netherlands, creating a lasting impression within the local automotive community.

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