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Wibautstraat 224
1097 DN Amsterdam
KvK: 33102127
BTW: NL001668341B01

Tel: +31 (0)20 5731111

Together for
a better world

FCB Amsterdam is committed to diversity of people and thought. We’re fostering a culture that is inclusive, promotes mutual respect and maximizes individuals’ full potential to ultimately benefit our employees, their families, our vendors and our clients. 

But we do more than that. We walk the talk.

With our special label FCB for Good we actively support DEI projects, Con Amore clients like the Tick foundation and CSR initiatives like ‘Pas op Gamen en Gokken’(Gambling) and ‘It won’t Stick’.


Quit gambling foundation

Don't gamble your life away.

A clear message for non-profit organization during this tsunami of communication for new online gambling opportunities which eases the new generation into gambling addiction with all its negative consequences. To convey this message at the right place we chose the metro stations in Amsterdam as the perfect place for this campaign.

DOOH campaign in Amsterdam

It Won't Stick

For our voices to be heard, we have to shut the noise.

How many women around the world can say they never felt judged by other women. Hammered by the choices they make with their appearance, their bodies or the way they raise their children? Probably not a single woman. In fact, recent research shows that 70% of women have been the victims of snide remarks by women they consider a friend on occasion.

This is why FCB Amsterdam has teamed up with Wefilm to use International Women's Day 2018 to empower women, encouraging women to rise above all these negative comments and support each other around the powerful mantra: 'whatever dirt they throw at you, it simply won't stick'.

During International Women's Day, It Won't Stick received a lot of attention. Major titles within the target group, such as Linda, Jinek and Viva wrote extensively about the initiative. And the film was exclusively shown in its entirety during the broadcast of RTL Late Night.

It won't stick by FCB Amsterdam

Stichting MD

The last generation with MD

MD is the most common muscle disease in the world. But also one of the most unknown.

MD is passed on from generation to generation. And becomes increasingly aggressive.

Source and cause are known. Drug development is the final step. 

Together we can stop it.

This will be the last generation with MD. 

MD Campaign

Stichting Tekenbeet

Checking for ticks is very important and quite intimate. 

Why not embrace this fact?

Out-Of-Home campaign

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