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Wibautstraat 224
1097 DN Amsterdam
KvK: 33102127
BTW: NL001668341B01

Tel: +31 (0)20 5731111


Working with Purina, our mission is to celebrate the unbreakable bond between people and their pets.

Through heartwarming campaigns, both local and transcreated ones, we emphasize that life is richer, brighter, and more fulfilling when shared with our beloved furry companions.

Gourmet Next catfluencer

Cat accounts are booming on social media. Gourmet therefore went in search of the Next Catfluencer. Because say it yourself, who doesn't want to become a catfluencer? From as many as a thousand entries, a professional jury - including radio DJ and big cat lover Domien Verschuuren - chose the big winner!

Felix - De meest ondeugende kat

Felix is the naughtiest cat in the Netherlands for a reason. He might just turn up anywhere! So too in Amsterdam.

Bonzo - For all doglovers

Bonzo is a truly Dutch dog food brand. It understands better than anyone else what is good for Dutch dogs and has been filling the bellies of faithful four-legged friends for over 90 years. To celebrate this relationship, Bonzo is introducing a new campaign line: Bonzo. For all Dutch dogs. Hairy or bald, from puppy to bitch or dog, sleeping in Limburg or running across the Wadden, Bonzo is there for all dogs. 

And to celebrate this connection with Dutch dogs, owners and culture, we didn't just develop a campaign. Together with REC Sound, we wrote a warm ode to all Dutch dogs, and a recognizable story for all owners. The song "2 million dogs" sings and thanks all the dogs, and the accompanying music video portrays some of them in a recognizable way.


Bonzo - For all Dutch dogs


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