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Wibautstraat 224
1097 DN Amsterdam
KvK: 33102127
BTW: NL001668341B01

Tel: +31 (0)20 5731111

FCB for Good

: FCB for Good

Many things in our agency don't originate on paper but from within the company itself. From its culture, interest or the events that occur. Ten years ago was such a moment when the events happening ignited something beautiful. We were approached quite regularly by charities, fundraising initiatives, sponsorship activities and so forth. We were aware that our response to these requests was very subjective. Sometimes we participated because of a personal contact. Sometimes because it appealed to us. But just as often, we didn't participate simply because we couldn't say yes to everything. We experienced arbitrariness.

That was the moment when FCB for Good was born. The idea was actually very simple: we use our most precious, valuable asset to do something good for society. And that is our power to make an impact through communication. With strategy and creativity and our production capacity. And we do it for free. Everyone at FCB is allowed to spend 5% of their time working for a good cause. FCB for Good is committed to all those wonderful initiatives of organizations that don't have the budget to create communication but do deserve it.

It's about using our knowledge and skills for socially relevant projects. The environment, inclusion & diversity, charities, attention to abuses and diseases: in short, a contribution to a better and fairer world. Topics that are increasingly receiving attention from society, our clients, and from us. It's wonderful to experience that we as a group are contributing more and more often, more naturally, to society.

FCB for Good 2.0

Nearly ten years have passed. The initiative was once born with the thought of donating at least 500 hours per year to charities. FCB for Good has become more than that by now. We still offer our greatest good, our real contribution, to some charities. The original FCB for Good thought remains. For charities that have little or no budget, we donate hours to help them. Something with which we have built a decent track record by now. There is thus plenty of evidence for this proposition. Think of the Black Jaguar Foundation, Stichting Tekenbeetziekten, ICS, animal shelter Zaandam, and Stichting against gambling.

Our vision on socially relevant issues such as inclusion, equality, and diversity is also reflected in our paid work. Look at the 'real name' campaign for Mastercard. To the award-winning cases for the national police: one click away and framed. Our own initiative for International Women's Day: it won't stick. The campaign for CeraVe with Sophia. Campaigns that go much further than a diverse cast or a single statement. Campaigns that have a societal meaning from their core.

FCB Amsterdam. For Good!