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Funny? Donald Duck is funny...

Advertising: Funny? Donald Duck is funny...

In the world of marketing and advertising, there's often a misconception that effective advertising simply needs to be enjoyable. Simply needs to be funny. Serious marketers understand that creating powerful advertising involves more than just being funny. On our floor, we often hear: "Funny, funny? Donald Duck is funny." Good advertising isn't just about that. Funny is as subjective as it gets. What one person finds funny, another might not enjoy at all. Good advertising is based on a human insight combined with a solid proposition. Let's delve deeper into these essential elements of good advertising.

Human Insight: 

The key to connection. One of the crucial pillars of effective advertising is understanding the target audience, their needs, desires, and behaviours. We believe in "human insights" – insights that help us understand the deeper motivations and emotions of consumers. By identifying and using these insights as the foundation for our advertising campaigns, we can establish a strong emotional connection between the brand and the consumer.

A Solid Proposition: 

The brand's promise. In addition to understanding the target audience, it's essential to have a clear proposition. A proposition represents the brand's promise to the consumer – the unique benefit that the brand offers and why consumers should choose this specific brand. At FCB Amsterdam, we strive to define propositions that are not only credible and relevant but also distinctive and memorable to the consumer.

A Creative Idea: 

The magic of good advertising. While human insights and a solid proposition form the foundations of good advertising, it's the creative idea that makes the difference between simply good and extraordinarily impactful. Creativity is the driving force behind effective advertising. By developing innovative and surprising concepts, we can capture the consumer's attention, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories. That's what we find funny...